Welcome Lyssie J fans!  On this page we will be giving you some special little gifts from Douglas Carter Beane and Lewis Flinn!  Show clips, exciting fan-news, and much more!!

  • March 29, 2012- Photos from the Cast’s Recording Day!  You can pre-order the album here.



March 27, 2012- Album NEWS:  Tomorrow (March 28) the cast will be recording the vocal tracks for the album!!  We will be tweeting LIVE from the session!  Visit thealbum page for song list and other exclusive information!!

February 29, 2012- Big Big BIG week for Lysistrata Jones!  We announced yesterday that this Thursday (March 1) we will begin recording the cast album.  We will be laying down the music tracks.  We will be Tweeting live (@LyssieJones) from the recording session!  Also – join us for a Lysistrata Jones Reunion Concert at Joe’s Pub on April 9!  For more information visit www.joespub.com … oh and here is ANOTHER exclusive video – I Don’t Think So!

February 16, 2012- A new video and Licensing news today! First of all, when the licensing comes out there will be 2 versions of Lysistrata Jones available!!  The Broadway version that you loved and a special version for high schools that will be rated PG called Lysistrata Jones: Varsity Edition!  How Cool!  And now, take a look at the clip below of Change the World!!


February 9, 2012- Exclusive Clip from the Musical: Party Time! Right Now!